How to Make Your Front Porch More Welcoming

Having the nicest house in the neighborhood doesn’t always mean that you have the most welcoming one. By sprucing up your front porch or even front steps, you can make your house more appealing to the eye and more inviting to your neighbors. There are a bunch of different ways to accessorize your front porch. Many of us enter our homes through the garage, so the front door area can be forgotten. In order to spruce it up, the first thing to take into consideration is the size of the porch. Some are big enough to have comfy outdoor furniture and others are smaller and can only have a few items. You always want to keep in mind that no matter what kind of porch you are dealing with, big or small, the number one thing you want to avoid is making it look cluttered, which is unappealing to the eye and may give the impression that your house is also cluttered. A rocking chair is always a nice addition if space allows.


A quick fix for any porch is to add three essential things, a doormat, a wreath and some flowers. If you want to take it a step further, try adding some lights, a sign, or even an antique decoration. Another quick fix that seems to be a more common one is to paint your front door! Right away the front porch will have a new look and feel.

If you already have your front porch decorated but you feel it needs some freshening up, there are a few things you can do. First, change up the type or color of the flowers you always have out. Another tip to always keeping your front porch looking its best is to change it up depending on the current season or add something special for an upcoming holiday.

Change can take effort, but in this case it’s worth it. You always want to have a house that says "Welcome!" just by looking at it. It will not only make your house look great  but you’ll feel great that you did so!

Places to check out for great items at affordable prices:

  • Homegoods

  • Pier One

  • Wayfair

  • Target

  • Your local florist or farm stand for fresh flowers and decorative flower pots