What Can You expect?


We are a team of experts that are with you every step of the way when you sell your home. Year after year we are #1 in listings and sales in our market and that is due to the deep relationships we build with our clients and the communities throughout Greater Boston. When you sell your home with Suzanne & Company you can expect a team of successful professionals who value exceptional service, deep market knowledge, and a consistently strong track record. Suzanne & Company specializes in listing and marketing your home from expert staging, to vendor referrals, to guidance and negotiations - we are a dedicated team to our clients when selling your home.

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Request A Complimentary Market Analysis For Your Home

What does this look like? It's simple!  Suzanne comes to your property to meet with you and do a walk through.  You can share what you know or don't know about the property.  The appointment should take less than an hour!  Then Suzanne will come back and research comps in the area and use her 18+ years of RE expertise to create a market analysis and suggested listing price for you!  Sometimes, our clients aren't planning on moving now, but want Suzanne to come and suggest what improvements they should invest in to help boost their equity for future sale!

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Congratulations on making an excellent decision!  We are honored you've chosen us.  Immediately, you will begin to hear from the entire listing team - all of whom have different strengths to get you and your property prepped  for sale.  Don't be intimidated - we take care of most of the details, so you don't have to add any more stress to your plate!

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This is the fun part for us and oh, are we awesome at it! Whether we are working with a developer, someone who has resided in their home for 50+ years, or a homeowner who is ready to leave their intro home, we treat each process carefully.  We are able to flex our style to the needs of the seller and the demands of marketing the house. Our experts will give you the best advice on how to improve your home's aesthetic so it appeals to a broader audience. If you don't live in the home and need our support to meet vendors - we got it!  You're a developer who doesn't have an eye for interior design and color - we got it! 

The marketing!  We have a creative team of experts who bring your home to life in the best way - through photos, video, floor plans, and marketing collateral.  We have amazing and long-standing relationships with some of the best in the industry.  We hear from people who have tried to sell their homes on their own - that this is by far the greatest piece to our puzzle.  We could tell you more, but we can't reveal ALL of our secrets!

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Woohoo!  We hit the button and your listing has gone live.  Ahhh... took a lot of work (on our part) to get us here.  Our listing team's jobs do not end here - we are furiously working to get your listing out there to the masses.  We launch all of your customized marketing to all the right places to highlight your property. You will learn all about the open house process and how showings will work. Your listing has the benefit of being introduced early on to our awesome team of Buyer Agents who have a pipeline of clients that may be searching for a property just like yours!  And sometimes, (yes sometimes) you may never get to this point because one of our Buyer Agents already had a client who brought you a fabulous offer!

The week your listing goes live and we broadcast your marketing, like commercials the week before a holiday, you will start to get giddy by the idea of people wanting your property.  We will have open houses planned for the first weekend and depending on the property, we may have events or special guests to help boost exposure.  And if for some reason, your home doesn't sell the first weekend - we don't give up... the story just continues! Our team pulls more marketing tricks out of our hat. We will have more open houses to allow for more visibility... until that one buyer walks through the door!

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Suzanne is a seasoned negotiator.  She knows what is best for you and the sale of the home - if that means getting the offer price higher, asking for better terms, or educating you on why this is the right one to take - she will do it all. If there are multiple offers, we have an excellent system in place (shh! it's a secret) that will assist you in making the best decision. Suzanne always has the seller's best interests in heart, which is again another reason she only works with sellers and our Buyer Agents only work with buyers!  Get it now?

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hire your attorney

Yes. Unless you're one yourself, you will need to hire an attorney and it is very important that it is a real estate attorney. Aunt Betty who is a patent attorney will not do! Selling real estate involves legal documents and while we have knowledge of the law, we do not practice law (we know - surprising, since we do everything else for you!). An attorney can advise you of your rights if problems arise. Ask your attorney what services he or she provides from the point of time from offer, to P&S and through closing. Also ask what legal issues may come up.

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contingencies, p&s, appraisals oh my!

Oftentimes, there are contingencies attached to an offer, like different types of inspections or mortgage approvals or the dreaded home-sale contingency.  If you're lucky enough to have a cash offer with no contingencies - you will pass go and collect your money in a much smoother process.  However, most sales will contain one or more of the steps in this process. 

If an inspection takes place, the negotiations may continue. And if improvements or repairs need to be made, our team can manage that process for you! After all of that rigmarole, we land at P&S (purchase and sale), which is the finalized agreement of all the terms of the sale. If there was no mortgage contingency, then you can sit back and relax - haha kidding - you can start packing!

When a mortgage contingency is attached to the accepted offer, then after the P&S has been signed, the bank who is providing the loan, will send out an appraiser to check out your property.. At this point, Suzanne will have a sense of what she believes the outcome should be and you will have a strategy, if for some reason it does not appraise out.  In most cases, you should be solid. Once that mortgage commitment is in, you can pop the bubbly! Phew.

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wrap it up, pack it up & move it out

Need help getting out? We have great vendors on our approved list!  We are more than happy to connect you with vendors who will make your move a smooth success.  And if you are not living in the property and need us to let the cleaners in, we will take care of it! 

During this time, is also when the smoke inspection (by the local fire department) takes place.  We have someone who pre-inspects your detectors and makes sure that you will pass!  We will handle all of this, so you don't have to worry about climbing up on a ladder and changing them out, if need be!  Since you will be wrapping up your use of utilities, we will need to setup the transfers, have the final water and sewer reading and oil reading, if necessary.  Uh-oh! Another thing to do?  Nope.  We do take care of scheduling these too!

Move along now.

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The closing

Whether this closure is a happy event or a sad ending... we will help make it a peaceful one. Many sellers choose not to be at a closing, for one reason or another. In this case, you can grant a power of attorney to your RE attorney.  S/He will represent you in the final stage of this process.  If you choose to go - you will meet the new homeowners!

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New beginnings

The official congratulations are now in order! Again, we are so honored you chose to work with us on this important adventure. If you are relocating to an area close by, then we will continue to be a solid resource for you... landscapers, doctors, painters, or sitters - we know who to connect you with. Perhaps, we will see you around town and if not... it's been a great one! Cheers.