Do You Really Want a "One-click" Mortgage


I was talking with a mortgage broker friend the other day and remarking on the dramatic increase we're seeing in online banks offering "one-click" mortgage approvals. While it may seem to be just another one of the many conveniences made available via technology, we both expressed concern about this trend. And I got a real jolt when I saw Quicken Loan's Super Bowl ad highlighting their new "Rocket Mortgage" app, and it appears I wasn't alone in my concern.

I remember very clearly the consequences and aftermath of the lending crisis in 2008 and while I realize the current process can be time-consuming and cumbersome, I do appreciate that my client's deals are much more likely to stay together now because the buyers come to the table with loans that have already been underwritten and are truly pre-approved. And in a competitive buying situation, I will always advise my clients to go with an offer backed by a financing approval from a known, local bank as opposed to someone with a pre-approval from an online, "one click" service.

This is the largest financial commitment most people will ever make in their lives and it's worth taking the time to work through the process with a trusted professional who can answer questions and guide you to the best solution for you, and these are the people we work with and recommend.

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