Staging Gets Results

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As my clients prepare their homes to sell, some question whether the time, effort and expense of staging is worth it. As our Director of Team Operations & Design, Becky Venuti, explains, “You decorate to live, but you stage to sell.” A staged home tells a story to the potential buyer similar to the illustrations in a book, whereas an empty house or one crammed full of personal items can feel unwelcoming or overwhelming and relies on the buyer to imagine what it could look like with their own furnishings and accessories.

First impressions are SO important, so we pay special attention to the walkway, entrance and front hall so they’re at their best! We also work to create a spatial understanding in each room, particularly if a room is small or oddly-shaped. Here are highlights of our staging at a new construction home.

6545OldBedfordRoad ConvArea.jpg

Working with sellers who reside in their home presents different challenges. If they’ve lived in a place for many years, each decoration and piece of furniture may be filled with memories and special meaning, making it hard to hear they need to put away their personal photos or their collection of figurines. In this case, it's about minimizing personal decor and accenting with generic accessories to invite buyers to imagine themselves in this new space.


We regularly work with our sellers to stage their homes as they prepare to sell — not only saving money for our clients but also making their properties more attractive to buyers and maximizing their proceeds, garnering rave reviews along the way.