Meet Pete!

Meet our first Maker, Pete! He is our go-to handyman and is ready to for anything that comes his way! When selling your home, there is a lot to get done and that can be stressful. Pete has been such a huge asset to our team and clients. Click the video link to find out how Pete was introduced to the Suz & Co Team, his background and what he’s not only done for us but for our community. You can also read below a story about how Pete recently helped a client!

“I was introduced to Pete Niemmeyer by Suzanne on the very day that we decided to list our home on the market. There were various things we needed to address prior to listing our house and Pete was one of a few people that Suzanne referred us to. I immediately contacted him based on the great things Suzanne had to say about his work and character. When we spoke on the phone, I listed out everything I thought we needed done to our 4-bedroom colonial home - this included repaint and touch ups throughout the house, stain removals, junk removal including some heavy furniture/appliances, ventilation repair, grout work, lightbulb/light repair, yard work, moving furniture, and then actually help with the move itself. He agreed that everything on our list was something he would be able to help with and that we would meet to discuss a calendar/timeframe to be sure everything could be done in time for our listing date.

After meeting Pete in person, I immediately felt a sense of relief. There was so much work that needed to be done, and he quickly put my mind at ease assuring me that he would take care of everything and that he was certain the house would be in excellent condition to sell. One of the first things I noticed about Pete was his attention to detail and organization. He put together a detailed schedule for us to work with and shared his hourly rate which was more than reasonable. He also had several other jobs that he was working on simultaneously, but he was still able to squeeze our project in. Over the course of the next 4-5 weeks, Pete worked extremely hard for us, showing up 3-4 times a week and dedicating 8 hours each time to chip away at our list. He was always so respectful, clean, and the quality of his work was above and beyond what I would have expected. If the color paint wasn't an exact match, he would go back to the store and find the one that was, even if it added extra time on to his day (which he would insist not to be paid for).

By the time he finished the work, the house looked brand new! We listed the house, and it sold in a matter of weeks. Another thing Pete offered was after it sold to help with any move-related items. This was the piece of the puzzle that I underestimated and was not clear on the extent of the work that would be involved. I can say that if it wasn't for Pete's help, I don't think I would have been out of the house in time for closing. He goes way above and beyond the typical handyman/contractor. Pete is a genuine helper and he knew even before I did how much help I needed. He rearranged his schedule on few different occasions during that last couple of weeks, to help with some challenging work - one of these projects involved disassembling my daughter's trampoline in the pouring rain. After doing so he thoroughly wiped each piece clean and organized everything so well to make it easy for us so that when the time comes for us to reassemble, everything would be in great condition and kept all together. He also came the night before our closing at almost 10:00 pm to help haul away some old paints and other items I had no other way of disposing. He was a true life saver and one I am so grateful for. He would be the first person I would think of to suggest for someone looking for this type of help. He is an amazingly hard worker, the quality of his work is superior, and most importantly he's a genuine and trustworthy person with a huge heart. I would highly highly recommend Pete to anyone in need of these services!”

Lisa, Sold a Home in Westford, MA

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