Best of Fall

There are many words to describe fall and winter in New England but the most common one is - COLD! People who don’t live here always seem to ask how we stand it. Then all of us who do live here know that if we ever moved, we would be giving up a lot. Sure it's cold, but there is so much more around us to appreciate. New England has a lot more to offer than cold temperatures and wicked good food! ("Chowda" anyone?)

We are lucky enough to experience the true state of each season. Every spring, summer, winter and fall provides its own bliss, activities, and of course temperatures. This time of year, we like to watch the little ones jump into the piles of leaves. Sports fans have plenty to choose from, from celebrating the Red Sox (yeah World Series Champs!) to seeing the Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins, and bundling up to watch the New England Patriots for home games. If you like to ski or snowboard, there are several options from the small hills about 30 minutes away to the bigger resorts about 2 hours away.

New England also holds a lot of History! It's very common to drive by a historical home these days, each one with a unique story behind it telling how it came to be an important part of local history! Of course Middlesex County is steeped in, and surrounded by, historic sites that mark the beginning of our independence from England hundreds of years ago. Then there's the smaller things, like the changing of leaves, the stone walls in yards, or a cobblestone sidewalk. New England fall foliage really is like no other, and worth taking a scenic drive for because it has a personality of its own. Lastly, if you've never enjoyed apple picking in New England, complete with fresh apple cider and cider donuts from a local farm, you are truly missing a unique part of the experience that comes with being a local.

See what our team has been up to lately and the shots we have captured along the way! These photos truly show the best of fall around us.