206 Oxbow Road


As Realtors, we witness and mediate a whole lot of seller-buyer interactions. With that said, it's not often that we come across a perfect match of interests, personalities and taste. This is why the story behind the sale of this gorgeous Wayland home, built in 1755 is so special. Amanda and Theron visited the house and fell immediately in love with the character, age and style. Theron grew up in a 1640's pre-Revolutionary War estate in Virginia, so a house like this felt like home to him and his family. Besides the love for antique homes, the buyers and sellers also have a love for old cars in common, and they both often restored antique cars of their own. The location of the home was perfect for buyers and the connection between them and sellers made this transition not only sweet but definitely memorable. Prior to closing, the sellers organized a neighborhood "meet & greet" to ensure the buyers would be moving into an area where they knew everyone and felt welcome. 

Stories like these are so fulfilling to us, and we appreciate the trust that sellers and buyers invest into our hands as we guided them to a "happily ever after" closing.