Tips to Buy a Home in a Hot Market

While I'm very aware of the limited inventory of homes for sale in the area and the high level of competition among buyers for the available properties, if you're interested in buying and you base your decision to start looking only on the barrage of media reports lately, you're most likely to give up, close yourself in a dark room and start binge-watching Netflix!

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The team of buyer agents at Suzanne & Company has been working overtime the last few weeks successfully assisting buyers in their quest for a place to call home and I'd like to share their experiences and emphasize that buying a home in the Greater Boston area is NOT a hopeless endeavor AND there are things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Working with an experienced and trusted buyer's agent is key. By working with one of the buyer's specialists at Suzanne & Company you gain:

  1. Access to properties as soon as they are on the market. Every day we get multiple calls from buyers asking about a listing that is already under agreement or sold. A buyer's agent would have alerted them to the property early enough for them to visit it in time to place a bid.
  2. A partner to strategize and manage expectations. Our buyer's agents know the local area inside and out and can help you to find the right neighborhood and community. They will help you to balance the emotional value of the home with the financial value to ensure you don't tip the scale too far in one direction or the other.
  3. An advocate with established relationships and rapport with the area's listing agents which provides you with vital information to present your offer in the best possible light. While attaching a personal letter to an offer can sometimes tip a seller's choice in your favor, not all sellers are the same. Our buyer's agents will help you assess when this is a useful strategy and when something different may be more effective.
  4. The support of our entire team. If your particular agent isn't available to submit a bid or show you a property, another agent on the team will step in and maintain the momentum of your search.
  5. Someone looking out for your best interests. Our buyer's agents are NOT trying to sell you a house -- they are your consultant and advisor to help you find the best fit for your family and your budget. They will point out potential issues in a the property (such as substandard electrical wiring or the warning signs of unaddressed storm damage) and will remind you of the goals you set at the beginning of your search when you get caught up in the frenzy to win a bid or fall in love with a cozy 2 bedroom cottage when what you're looking for is a 4 bedroom colonial.
  6. An expanded network of agents through the national (and international!) Keller Williams team -- the largest real estate franchise and #1 training company in the US. If our team doesn't know a town or community well, we'll reach out through our network and connect you with someone who does.
  7. A champion who will go the extra mile. When a buyer has a strong interest in a particular neighborhood or community, our agents knock on doors, send letters and canvas the neighbors to find those people who are thinking about selling but just haven't gotten around to listing their home and then pair them up with their buyers -- all before the property is ever listed on the MLS.

Buying a home has a HUGE impact on your life -- on the financial front, but also on your lifestyle, your commute, the schools your kids go to and the friends they play with. If you are contemplating making this considerable investment of time and money, put yourself in the best position to succeed with a buyer's agent. Ask people who live in the area for referrals and interview more than one to ensure you have a good rapport. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of the buyer's specialists on the team at Suzanne & Company, please give us a call at 781-275-2156.

Happy hunting!