How to Make the Most of Small Closets


While I truly love historic homes for their stories and architectural character, one of the downsides is they typically have either no closets or very small closets, which is challenging for me with my expanding shoe collection and love for a good sale! So I was very excited to discover this Houzz article about making the most of small closets.

There are some great ideas here though one I don't agree with is replacing closet doors with curtains — it just feels too much like a dorm room. To gain that space, you're better off removing the closet doors altogether, though this only works if you're neat and organized!

Our very own Becky Venuti worked at the Container Store at one point in her stellar customer service career, and here are her additional suggestions for squeezing every inch of storage from your available space:

Although my mom may not agree, I've always been an organized person. I've helped many people over the years get organized — whether it be in their kitchens, playrooms or closets. Small spaces often feel more daunting than large as people are typically drawn to putting everything at eye-level. Bins can be your best friend or your worst enemy — it's all in how you use them. The key to any organizer's success is vertical storage. Yup! You heard me right, vertical — go high, go low and go at it right. I love The Container Store because, among their many solutions for storing everything, it has awesome vertical storage solutions.

For any small closet, the customized Elfa systems are worth every penny. Here is one that I would always recommend to a beginner: Mesh Closet and Door System. And if you're ready to head into the closet but don't want to commit to a full system, these Elfa Closet Drawers are portable and stackable. Best of all, when you are ready to jump into the investment of a true closet system, you can move these to any storage-challenged spot in your home. 

And for many people, a major storage challenge is shoes!!! We have too many shoes! (Ummm, Suzanne here — that's not possible. Just sayin') Using these over-the-door shoe organizers are a great solution. If you're already using the closet door for other vertical solutions, then clear bins or a clear drawer are a great solution. You can stack them on the bottom of your closet or on the top shelf and not forget about those darling shoes you bought 6 years ago for a big night out!

Finally, it's all about grouping similar things together. Whether you choose to categorize by color, style or season, just pick one and let it lead the way. You'll be so thankful you did.

These are some of our ideas — what solutions work best for you? Please share!