10 Foster Road

Suzanne was contacted by this seller about 3 years ago. She had gone to BHS with his sons back in the day, and the seller saw Suzanne's strong local presence in the RE market here in Bedford. She prepared a market analysis based on the house and the market at that time. The seller was unsure of his timing for selling, thinking it could be a few years out. He asked Suzanne to consult with him about the best items to change or upgrade to receive the best return on investment when the time was right to eventually sell. 

Fast forward to summer 2018. Suzanne and the seller stayed in close touch over the past few years, and during that time the seller completed every recommendation, and more, that Suzanne had suggested. 

A great offer came in after the first weekend, and both seller and buyer are thrilled! The seller had even shared his personal connection to the house and the neighborhood in his note to potential buyers- this home "saved" his family when he was a newly single father working at Hanscom and raising his awesome kids on his own. 

We know the next lucky owners will feel this same sense of security and happiness in this wonderful home and neighborhood and we wish everyone the best in this exciting new chapter for all!

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